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Once the business was on the internet everything started to bloom. Since I was demanding excellent service from the providers, special care was needed for hiring. The women had to offer GFE (Girl Friend Experience).

The service started to appear on one of the first review sites called JAG (John’s Action Guide). A Korean man named David bought it. He would later become a partner of Julie’s Palace, our first private stock house. He had an on-line personality named John who would review the women and boost them on his site. He set the stage for certain girls to become the most sought after providers. John created a GFE experience in the mid-90s. Unlike the other brothels, Juile’s offered the service for a great price. I was actually proud to deliver the best service and believe me the service was the best. A fantasy delivered money back guarantee. The man that owned Jag would become my best friend for many years. He was a professor, a man that specialized in bank security. Financially, he did not need Julie’s, but seemed intrigued. He would show up everyday. I was not an educated woman, so I kept him as close as he wanted. We were a good combo for some time. Together, we created Julie’s Palace. The price went up for this place. We rented a lovely apartment on 9th Ave and 46th street. It was above Caramia’s an Italian eatery. We hired very pretty young women, 19 to 25 years old. Our service was great at our regular place, but the women were not always tops in looks and some were in their 30s and more. Bodies had to be slim, pretty, no tattoos. Service had to be the best as well. Jag would promote this new place.

It went very well until Beverly, our phone lady, sent up the cops one fine day and we got snagged. David happened to be in the brothel the day of the bust, but they thought he was a client and let him go. The cops were so cool that they would pick up the phone and say, “Call back, the girls are a little busy.” In the 90s, the clients were always just let go. One bust and we would close this was our rule. For five years after that we would not get busted. It was a great run. We cultivated our security protocol from trial and error. We hired security people to watch the block as well as having someone in each apartment. In Manhattan, you must have great credit to rent, so renting apartments was a real problem until I met Jonathon. Jonathon was a total hustler in every way who had worked for the mob for many years renting warehouses, being what ever they needed. He loved to sniff coke and drank when he was relaxing. He was very intelligent and was a supreme hustler. He would obtain SS numbers and create a person to rent these elaborate apartments for the brothels. He described himself as nerves of a pit bull and balls of a seal. He was a character, only one you would have to love. He was a nut, but had a good heart. My sons got a kick out of Jonathon and would tease him about his actions and crazy personality. He was well known to the big madams of New York and would have 10 apartments in the same name. He lived in different places and we would all put him up here and there. He crossed every line morally and justified it to the fullest.

My Korean partner would end up introducing Jonathan to the Korean underworld. A Korean madam named Yumi had a large prostitution ring and Jonathon started to work for her as well. He started to learn to speak Korean. Yumi was a reputable madam and Jonathon made lots of money from her. Koreans open apartments and bust them out, meaning letting everyone in and making lots of quick cash. It was the complete opposite of Julie’s. The cops busted them all the time and they would close. If I had an apartment that I wanted to dump I would sell it to the Koreans and they would bust it out fast. As the business grew the problems did as well.

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