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The Story of Niska

My sons Tommy and Jerry were both very close to me.  Throughout the years they learned the ins and outs of running a brothel and became close to many of the girls.  Jerry lost his virginity at Julie's with a beautiful Russian girl named Natasha.  Tommy would have nothing to do with any of the ladies and kept everything on a business situation while he was working where Jerry was like a boy in a candy store and loved sharing times with a pretty girl that obliged. 

After Jerry graduated from Sewanhaka High School in Long Island, I wanted him to go to college and do something with his life.  I wanted him to experience a different way of life.  He asked me if he could take one year to work at Juile's and then he would go to school.  I did not want it but I said ok and he did. He answered phones and did security for me.  He was very good and actually started to excel in handling the place for me.  I think he wanted to work for me at first because his brother was making good money while answering the phones and in any family situation there is always sibling rivalry.

Tommy had dated a Puerto Rican girl named Niska but his true love was a high school sweet heart named Lacie from Ohio. After the relationship with Niska ended she would join the team and work for me as a little hostess. She was 5 foot 2 inches tall, very petite but curvy. Everyone said she looked just like the brat dolls and she did. There was something about Niska that made guys want her so much. She was there in the brothel, she was sexy and friendly, she was 21 years old but not available for service. 

On the JuileNYC message board the guys started bidding for her and I was offered $3,000 for an hour with Niska. She and I mutually declined.  One night a guy from a popular message board came to New York from California and of course we always compted his visit to a great hotel to stay in, a gift certificate to a designer store, any lady to join him and his girl friend.  Hey, I always took care of the people that took care of us.  This board was a very good review board so I went all out to make his stay a good one. 

Well one night I sent a Polish girl name Kasha out to party with him and his girl friend. Her English was a bit on the bad side so Niska went along just to be there with her and party as well.  The guy decided that he wanted Niska.  They had taken some Ecstacy and were quite high, dancing and having fun.  Niska and Kasha went back to the hotel room with them at his request.  He would not take no from Niska and he told her to call me. 

"Hello Julie," he said. "You know I want Niska and my girl friend wants her as well ok?"

I said, "No, I can't help you. You can have any girl from Julies but not Niska, she is not available for that service. Sorry."

He was very relaxed but firm and let me know that no was not acceptable and he would not be happy with Julie's if Niska did not fuck him.  We were very popular on this board and I was worried, but I could not ask her to do something like that if she did not want to do it. 

Niska got on the phone and said "Look, Julie, I will fuck this jerk if you really want me to because I think he will ruin your business if I don't."

It was now almost 11am and this had been going on for several hours. I said Niska just come home and the hell with this guy. It is what it is and he will do what he wants. 

Niska lived at my house and she jumped in a taxi and took it out to Freeport. When she arrived she was very shaken and out of it from the stressful night and the Ecstacy as well.  Heaven was living with me as well at the time and we were getting ready to go out on my boat for the day.  I told her to come with us and just relax on board while we cruised around the Long Island beaches and stopped at Patty McGees for a drink.  We went out on the water and Niska sort of looked at me and said, "I messed around with that guy, Julie. He was a real jerk and I want you to be ok."

I said "Girl, thanks but you did not have to do it."

I was a bit angry because it was not a choice she wanted to do.  In this business you run into so many things that could get complicated.  She was such a sweetheart and shrugged it off to another day in the life.  We had a great day on the boat and she stayed with me until we got raided that horrible day in January, 2005.  I saw her in Riker's Island after the bust. I hugged her and we cried , I hope she is ok,

I have not heard from her since my release.

My son Tommy is now married to Lacie and has 2 boys. He is happy. 

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