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Cheyanne was a very pretty Brazillian girl who came to Julie's in 2000.  She was young , slim and very, very pretty, an exotic Brazillian beauty.  She started at our location on 44th St.  over the Film Center Cafe where  the owners rented us the whole 2nd floor.  It was basically four apartments made into one big place.  There were fire places in each bedroom,  It was by far my most favorite place but it would not last too long. I decorated each room with a theme. It was really what I would describe as the perfect brothel.  

Cheyanne was about 5 foot 7 inch with a slender body, nice firm breasts ,long dark hair.  The men that walked in to Julie's and saw Cheyanne was taken aback by her exotic beauty.  She was a private stock beauty who delivered the Julie's session with a smile.  She was booked days ahead and she was known for her tight FS sessions.  

A young man named Joseph started to visit Cheyanne on a regular basis and fell deeply in love with her.  He was a reputable man from a school in Manhattan.  He courted her and courted her and finally in the end she fell in love with him as well.  What could I do but wish them the best?  You get girls that come in and try to hustle the clients by giving out their numbers and seeing them on the sly so they don't have to pay the house.  This was obviously not the case.  Joseph and Cheyanne were deeply in love.  She took him to Brazil to meet her family and  they were married soon after.  The relationship was great and Cheyanne started to change her life around.  

To this day, I have heard they are still in love and married..

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