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We were located on 40th St. and 9th Ave. right behind the Port Authority Bus Terminal. We lived next door to a woman, a crazy old woman named Helen. One day someone called 911 on us and the cops were ringing our door bell from downstairs trying to get into the building. Helen kindly had all the ladies and a client run into her apartment to hide while the cops came up to see if a fight was occuring in our apartment. It must have been a prank call we thought, or competition. After they left we tossed Helen $100 and said, "Helen, you are a life saver and we love ya girl." Well, it took about three times to realize that when Helen needed money she called 911. This time the cops went to Helen's door and asked why she called the cops again. We all looked at her like, "Oh my God, Helen."

These are some of the things that we endured while moving around the hells kitchen area. Helen was something else but we all liked her she was a character ,she was an old greek woman who basically was dumped by her daughter into an apt in hells kitchen she was lonely and every night cooked for us. She would bring over dish after dish of macaroni , we thanked her of course.

We were starting to get very busy and we realized that we needed a phone person so our very first was a lady named Beverly. I put an add out and she responded to it. She was a bit old maybe Sixtish or so. She was Irish, dyed red hair, blue eyes, kinda hunched when she walked. As she walked up our stairs, Helen warned her that she was to old to be whoring. The girls said that Beverly seemed too old to be a phone person because back then we used to walk down stairs and ask the clients for IDs and she would be their first impression. We needed a durable phone person/manager who had lots of energy and was sharp as far as looking for signs of law enforcement. Beverly promised she would and could be what we needed so she was hired and once you joined Julies you were family with the faults and all so here we had Beverly. We found out down the line that Beverly was something else.

After we grew a bit we needed a security person as well. I put an add out in New York Press for a gay man and I found Lucus who was from Poland, a handsome, tall blonde. I wanted a gay man so he would be not be hounding the girls for sex. I liked Lucus right away, he was very polite, did any and everything I asked him to do. His English was not so great but he was sharp and seemed to catch on fast. He became like a son to me down the line. Sometimes Lucus answered the phone for Beverly when she was sick or busy checking out clients and he seemed to have a knack for it. Julie's was established enough to have a man answer the phone without causing alarm. After awhile Lucus also became a phone person. This is when tipping the phone person came into play and the girls would tip when they had clients but after awhile it became an unspoken rule that an hour warranted a $10 tip and $5 would be a good tip for a half hour

Lucus had corresponed with a young man named Leo from Missouri. Leo was working as a nanny for a family on a visa from Poland. He came to New York to visit Lucus and they fell in love over that weekend. Lucus took Leo out on the town and bought him clothes, jewelry. We decided to train Leo for a phone and security position as well. He moved into Lucus' apartment and everything seemed fine except for a situation that occured one day. The girls called me with great concern. Leo had found Lucus in bed with another man and he was heart broken and he was going to commit suicide. The girls said, "He was in a room and had taken sleeping pills." I rushed over to 51st Street and asked where the pills were. He gave me the bottle. It was Sleep Eaze, Thank God they were harmless.

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