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When I was a young girl about 23 years old I met a man in Minnesota.  My girl friends and I would go out to a club called Foxies in the downtown area of Minneapolis.  Most of the people that went to Foxies were in the game, meaning they were pimps and prostitutes. After the clubs would close, we would all go to the after hours.  A very well dressed tall black man named PJ came over to our table and ordered drinks for all of us.  He asked during our conversation if we had ever been to New York.  I said no but that I always have wanted to.  I love people and action and I have heard that New York was the place to go as far as action, money and fun was concerned.  New York was a 24 hour town with people from all over the world. 

PJ was a pimp and everyone in the game seemed to have much respect for him.  He was a nice looking man about six foot three and had charisma.  Although he was a bit harsh mannered, he was also welcoming in ways.  He had several girls that worked for himthat were all very pretty and obviously seemed happy being in this man’s family.  They were all white Caucasians.  Barbara was a beautiful blonde about 25 years old.  She had two little boys from her marriage and after her divorce she met PJ who turned her out into a working girl.  She had everything she wanted and her boys seemed happy. She could buy them anything they needed.  He rented a house for her and the boys.  She worked at the hotels at night and turned her money over to PJ who paid her bills and spent a couple nights a week with her.  He was nice to the boys and she was happy for the first time in years. 

PJ had many of this type of lady.  I met them all and decided that I was interested in joining the family.  I had a little boy at the time: Tommy. Things were ok, but I wanted to travel and make the kind of money Barbara and the others seemed to be making.  I had been a working girl in the past, but this seemed so enticing and exciting.  PJ sent the girls to New York to work at a place called Ali Babas on 60th Street and 1st Avenue.  It was Italian owned and many guys with money hung out there, splurging on the girls with money, buying them jewelry and such things.  Many of the pimps had actually lost girls to some of the guys who took a liking to them. 

Anyway I went to New York and joined the family for some time.  I ended up getting pregnant by PJ and having a little boy named Jerry.  When Jerry was about 1 year old I left PJ for one of the guys that fell in love with me named Eduardo from Argentina, a drug king who moved many kilos of cocaine in the 80s and 90s. 

Many years would pass and I was a madam in New York running Julies of New York, (I love New York by the way from the first day I saw it)  One day PJ called me and explained that he was in New York with a lovely young lady 18 years old named Kim.  PJ and I have a bumpy past because as soon as I was settled in New York I dumped him but we let bygones be bygones.  Jerry would speak with his father and that kept us in touch.  I needed a fresh look for Julies because we had no hot blonde at the time and guys were asking for some one like that.  As soon as I saw Kim I knew she was a star in every way.  She reminded me so much of me when I was her age.  On New Year’s Eve of 2001, we went out and had dinner together with my sons and boyfriend Danny. I felt like ripping her away from him but at the same time I knew she was in deep and in love so what the hell. 

Anyway she stated at Julie’s. On our member’s area in the Internet, the guys had been asking me for a busty hot blonde and guess what I had just what they wanted and I decided to name her Heaven, Yes, guys I said she is a gift, a taste of Heaven, and that is just what she was: a girl that would rock the house, cause girls to argue and men to melt. But Heaven only wanted PJ for some time until that went to hell.  PJ would end up going crazy over Heaven and tried to kill her and kidnap her. It was horrible.  

The day Heaven fell out of love with PJ things went crazy. We hid her out at my house in Long Island for a few weeks and then put her at our 49th Street brothel where she worked.  Everything was going great but PJ found her and climbed through the window of the apartment while she was with a client.  He grabbed her and drug her out the door to his car parked at the World Wide Building on 49th Street.

Months later she came back to New York very brain washed and married to PJ.  She tricked him and left him again. This would go on and on for some time until he finally gave up on her.  She ended up living with me and my son Jerry who is also her step son (she was married to his father) on long island until one night she did not come home.   I haven’t seen her since.

I can only hope she is doing great and living her life to the fullest because she is a beautiful girl. She is very, very confused but also strong and intelligent as well.  She had no education and told me that she worked at the age of 12 in Minneapolis for a pimp there. She used to spend her money as soon as she made it on everyone and everything. She loved to have fun and party. 

The girls were so jealous of Heaven and the clients all went crazy for her.  She could have anything she wanted and I hope she finally came to terms with her self and became the woman she really is.              


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