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I was so confused about why this was happening and what to do.  I called my friend and he put me in touch with Murry Richman, an attorney known for making sure defendants get a fair and correct situation when it comes to this type of high profile case. 

In the end I met my attorney Dan Ollen in a diner off of the LIE, had breakfast and sort of discussed what the hell to do. I knew for some reason that once I turned myself in all bets were off and I was going into the enemies hands.  I was hoping to get a bail that I could afford.  

We drove to the 7th precinct and I turned myself in. The media was already there waiting for me,  I think I was in shock. I was escorted to a cell after the initual booking. I knew that the things they were saying in the media was really not me at all.  I love people, I love animals and go to great lengths to do what ever I can for them.  I read that I was heartless, cold, mean, that I coerced a young girl into being a prostitute. There was also a story about smuggling in young Russian virgins for deflowering.  I knew that I lived a different life than most, but I had my values andmorals.  I was not the person they were portraying. 

I went in front of the judge after sitting all night in a cell with many other women who were there for various crimes.  The judge that saw me was new and it was her first day on the bench.  My attorney asked for a bail I could afford but after hearing all the crazy accusations from the DA who asked that my bail be 2 million  she opted for a bail of 1/2 million.  I really started to feel that something really bad was happening to me.  I am an American, born and raised here and I love my country, but I have to tell you that this experience has given me a total different view on the judicial system.  I had heard that this goes on here but I never ever believed it. 

After sitting for a week or so on Riker's Island I was put on a bus and brought to the DAs office where my attorney advised me to speak with the DTS and the assistant DA whose name was Bassiure. He was a young good looking man but he had an arrogance about him.  I was so angry at the accusations this guy was puting out there that I felt like slapping him in the face and telling him to stop lying.  I was warned by my lawyer to just sit tight and relax. 

It was me, my lawyer, 2 DTs from the case.  We all sat down and the DT asked me if I could help them in anyway.

I asked, Help you how?

He said, Do you know where there are any kiddie porn houses.

I was horrified and looked at him and said, if I did I would have turned them in a long time ago.  I would never condone something like that, ever, ever.  I would find murder appropriate punishment for something like that. You really don't know me.  

I wondered how much real investigation they really did or was this just put together fast and sloppy. Finally everything came to light when the subject of a Judge came up.  They wanted a Judge that had came to our house for many years.  Apparently, the underaged girl that did work for Julie's for a very short period had told them that she saw a judge and we told her to take good care of him because he was an important client. She claimed that we told her he was a Supreme Court Judge.

I could only imagine what they would do to this man who thought this provider was 19 years old.  A married man who visited Julies for almost a decade would be splashed all over the papers, TV, with stories that would be made into horrific stuff that would totally destroy his life and his families as well. 

Some people would say that he sinned or committed a crime. Well,  prostitution is a crime here in the US but abortion is legal, why is that? Because they say it is a woman's choice and right to choose what she wants to do with her body.  I would opt for sharing a little companionship and sex than taking a life, but that's just me.  I do believe it is a woman's choice and she should be able to decide as an adult what she does want to do with her body.

Anyway getting back to the Judge, I decided that I could not destroy this man's life to get a lower sentence for myself.  I said no and that was that and I was dumped back into my cell where I would sit for several months on ice waiting to see if I would change my mind.  

That was Febuary and finally in May they offered me a plea bargain promoting prostitution in the 3rd degree.  It was a terrible tragedy and many animals died I still wonder where my 2 dogs Rosco and Raina ended up and how they suffered just being dumped on the side of the road somewhere in Northern Kentucky .  Rosco had an ID chip in his skin but I have never heard anything about them again. Everyday I think of the animals and the tragedy that happened and it hurts deeply. 

I am to blame in many ways but I think it was an overkill in every way.  I was sentenced to 2 1/2 to 5 years in prison, I was sent to Bedford Hills for 2 months, Albion for 3 weeks, then on to Beacon, a work farm upstate, where I was given a job of taking care of baby calves that would end up being meat and boots in the end.  Even though I was in prison, I loved taking care of the calves becasue I love animals so much. 

The people upstate were actually very nice people once they got to know me.  Being on a farm was a different experience but it was a good one. I did my time and heard from many people while I was in there.  I thank you all for that.  Many were afraid and I understand that as well.  I have no hard feelings.  If you meet me you will think that I am a very happy person and I am but I have been hurt by this experience and it makes me very sad when I think of what happened to the animals. I just want to live and go on with my life. 


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