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Around 2003, Marylin called Julie's for an interview. Lucus walked outside to ID her and to see if she was Julie's worthy.  He came back with her and said he was not sure if she was what we were looking for.  

In walks this blonde, definetly not young but well put together, big breasts, small waist and a nice big J-Lo ass.  She looked at me and smiled. Her smile was really inviting and immiedetly she seemed very pretty. She told me she was originally from Chicago and like the rest of us had a colorful family life.  Marlyn started at the 44th St  location on top of a theatre. An off-off Broadway show was always on in the evenings.


At the time, the show playing was called "'Tis A Pity She's A Whore." How funny is that?   

Around her second day on the job, she walked up to me and said it was imperative that she speak with me.  She told me that a man had put some Ecstacy in her beer.  I asked her how she knew this for sure and she looked at me very seriously, and told me that she knew when she kept having orgasm after orgasm and could not stop cumming all night after that.  I found out after several situations that Marylin was a real trip. In a good way of course. 

After getting to know her I really liked her very much.  She was very smart and seemed to be unaware of just how intelligent she was.  She was very in love at the time with a guy who she thought took her for granted at times and after several situations she dumped him and had no where to go at the time.  I invited her to live at one of my brothels. After several months, she moved to my home in Freeport.  We had fun. We went out on the boat, shopped at Annie Sez and the Roosevelt Mall.  We went out on the boat with the girls to Fire Island. 

Across the street from my house was the Nautical Mile which had many bars and eateries and we would hang out there at night after work in the summer.  We danced and we had fun,  Marilyn was a great friend. 

At work, her session was described by one client. "Time stops when Marylin walks into the room," he said.  Her service was unreal and she was quite busy when she worked at Julie's.  She loved sex and at any time she would celebrate this.  Once on the boat the Captain asked me to take over for a few moments. After several minutes passed, I realized that Marylin grabbed Captain Dominic and fucked the hell out of him down below.  

Marylin is the type of woman that seems very secure with her femininity and her body.  She knows how to use it in every way and she does whet ever is needed or when ever she feels like having fun. 

After I was arrested she was there for me as I was there for her when she needed someone.  I guess that is what friendship is: a friend in need is a friend in deed.    

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