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In about 1997, Alana came to work for me with a pretty girl named Marina.  

Alana was referred to me by a girl named Natasha.  They had met at an Orthodox church in Manhattan.  Natasha had since passed away at 38 years old. She was such a beautiful person but tragically her life ended early.  Alana and Marina were cute. Alana was a brown haired girl in her late 20s who had a nice body, not much on top and a little over weight.  Her service was great and she was a keeper. 

Within a few short months a transformation had came over Alana.  She went from boring brown to a pretty blonde. She also had her breast enhanced from a B cup to a DD.  She became a very popular lady at Julie's for quite some time.  

Alana was a single parent and she was raising a son living in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn after going through a divorce. Getting into the business really changed her life in a positive way since money was hard to come by and her English was limited.  She became one of the classic Julies girls and she would remain with me for several years. 

I am in touch with her to this day and she is still a hot sultry Russian woman and yes she is still a provider offering the best of course. Everyone who visited Julies experienced a total GFE session.  She is a great person and I am happy she was with us for so long. 

Oh yea she loves her Vodka. What red blooded Russian doesn't like Vodka?

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